Hottel Oil & Gas, Inc.
About Us

Welcome to Hottel Oil & Gas, Inc.
We are a 3rd generation oil and gas well production and service company.  We serve the North Central Ohio area and other regions as needed.  Our scope of work includes the old, uncommon and unique well situations, as well as recent.  We strive to complete our projects with a high degree of customer satisfaction and help to educate them about their well situations.  We serve both domestic and commercial customers.

Our services and products include:
production engineering, service line and equipment installation, swabbing, bailing, sand-pumping, rod/tube/pump pulling, brine hauling (UIC-291),  fluid/stick down hole treatments, metering & production chart changing, CAD and consultations.
Hottel Oil & Gas, Inc. ®  5123 Congress Rd, Wooster, OH  44691      Ph 330-621-1390, Fax 330-262-1020, E-mail: